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Cascade by Lisa T. Bergren


Author: Lisa T. Bergren

Publisher: David C. Cook

5 out of 5 stars

Note: This review assumes that you  have already read the first book in this series, Waterfall.  If you have not yet read Waterfall then you may not want to read this review, as it will reveal key points from the first book.  You can find my review of Waterfall here.

Gabi had promised.  She promised she would come back.  Even though she had to leave, she would return.  Nothing could keep her away from him.  Nothing.  Whether she stayed, or went back home, she just knew that she had to see him again.  This wasn’t the kind of thing you could walk away from and forget that it had ever happened.  She didn’t want to forget either… she hoped to always remember what she felt for him, that she had never felt for anyone else before.  But is risking the lives of herself, her sister, and her mother worth it?

After returning from their trip to fourteenth century Italy, Gabi knew that she wouldn’t be gone long.  How could she?  With the chivalrous men, the simple lifestyle, and love of her life being in that time period, she wouldn’t be able to stay away for long.  But there was one thing she needed before she could jump right back into the life she had become so used to in a matter of weeks.  She needed her mother to come with.

Gabi and Lia had already experienced what it was like to live in fourteenth century Italy, and have arrows shot at them and lords out for their blood.  The one person who would complete their alternate lives was their mother.  They need her to come with them this time around, and as she reluctantly agrees, it dawns on Gabi and Lia that this trip back to the past will be a whole new adventure.  Even though it might have felt like no time passed at all since their last visit, it had been three months in fourteenth century Italy, and things have changed.

Not only is their mother with them, but there are many who would love to see the Betarrini Sisters out of the picture.  Tensions between Sienna and Florence are running high, and they are on the brink of a full-out war.  One must be careful where they step and who they put their trust in.  Will Gabi and Lia be able to prevent the war from ensuing, or will they be caught up in the battle once again?  And is Gabi here to stay with the love of her life for good?  All is revealed in Lisa T. Bergrens medieval escapade, full of love, deceit, and the true bonds of family in, Cascade!

Gabi and Lia are quite the duo, and I was so excited to read about what they had gotten themselves into this time.  The story picks up right where it left off in Waterfall, and Gabi and Lia are ready to get right back into the fray, with their mother by their side.  There was never a dull moment as there were plenty of fighting scenes with tons of action, romantic heart-to-hearts, and even a few close getaways.  Cascade, was a fantastic follow-up to Waterfall that I think many teens will thoroughly enjoy.

Action and suspense were definitely no strangers to this book.  There was always a chance for a battle or fight to break out, with Gabi and Lia always on the brink of it.  Lisa T. Bergren really did an excellent job of keeping the reader entertained and always wondering what would happen next.  I was worried going into this one, that the fighting might get a bit old after having such a healthy dose in the first book, but I think the fighting scenes are really what made this book what it is.  The Betarrini Sisters can definitely kick some Firenze butt!

Historically, the storyline flowed seamlessly as well.  I was never confused about what was going on between the two sides, or who was trying to plan what.  Things were laid out very nicely, and I felt as if I really was there on the battlefield or planning what move to make next.  There were also some historical events thrown in that made the story much more authentic.  Cascade
really focused on what was going on between Sienna and Florence in this time period, and it was interesting to see just how far either side would go to get what they wanted.  It was war.

All of the intense battle scenes definitely allowed for some swoon-worthy romance scenes.  Marcello never failed to swoop in and save Gabi from her narrow demise.  I can’t say that bothered me though.  The romance and love between Marcello and Gabi really drove the story, and that was a factor that made it feel all the more believable.  They weren’t only fighting for their cause, but for each other as well.  If you’re looking for the romance that was there in Waterfall, you’ll find it in Cascade

I felt like some of the supporting characters were tossed aside, and I didn’t really get to see much of them in Cascade.  They were still there, but by the middle and the end of the book Gabi and Lia didn’t get to interact with them as much as I would have liked to see.  I missed reading about the jovial Lord Fortino, or even Lady Rossi for that matter.  Despite all her backstabbing and treachery, she really had made the story more fun.  Many of them took a backseat to Gabi, Marcello, Lia, and Luca.  Hopefully, in the third book of the River of Time trilogy, Torrent, I’ll get to see some of these guys again.

Cascade is a read full of action, as Sienna and Florence struggle to conquer one another, once and for all.  Full of romance, history, battles, and a good dose of chivalry, this one won’t disappoint.  Join Gabi and Lia as they fight to survive and come out alive of the fourteenth century in, Cascade!

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  1. Glad to hear Cascade lived up to its predecessor! I really need to read this series--it sounds amazing! Fabulous review as always, Tessa! :)
    (Also, it was great seeing you yesterday!)

  2. I'm so excited to read Waterfall and happy that this one sounds just as good! I know I'm going to love the fighting + romance combo that you mention!

  3. Thanks for the great review, Tessa. I'm so glad you liked this one too!

    P.S. Did you know I once had a character named Tessa? Check out THE BEGOTTEN, THE BETRAYED and THE BLESSED. :-) She comes in about halfway thru book 1, if I remember right.

  4. I also think getting to see some of the side characters again would have been better, but I get the feeling they're being saved up for a big comeback in book 3. At least I hope! :)

  5. I need to read the first book in this series. One more book to add to my TBR list!

    I’m a new follower--great blog. Stop by my blog and follow me too? :)

  6. Lauren M- Thanks! This one definitely topped my expectations. I can't wait to hear what you think of this series! It was really nice to get to see you on Sunday too! That was a really fun signing :)

    Aylee- I definitely think you'll enjoy the fighting and romance. It's done in a way that make them go hand in hand, perfectly. I hope you enjoy Waterfall!

    Lisa Tawn Bergren- Thank you so much for reading the review! I had no idea you had a character named Tessa! I love finding my name in books, so I'll definitely make sure to check those ones out. I'm sure I'll enjoy them ;) Thanks again!

    Logan E. Turner- I hope so too! I can't wait to read Torrent and catch up on what everyone has been up to since. The ending of Cascade really left me hanging, and I can't wait to find out what happens!

    Rachel Brooks- I hope you enjoy this series, and I can't wait to hear what you think of them. Thanks so much for following, and I'm heading over to your blog right now :)

  7. Yay! I'm so glad you liked it :) The lack of Fortino was the only thing that disappointed me in Cascade. I hope we get to see more of him in Torrent, but I did like the addition of Lord Greco very much.

  8. I agree, I really missed seeing Fortino in this one! However, it was like he was a whole new person in this book. Lord Greco was a very nice addition, and I hope to learn more about him in Torrent!


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