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Princess Callie and the Totally Amazing Talking Tiara by Daisy Piper

Princess Callie and the Totally Amazing Talking Tiara

Author: Daisy Piper

Publisher: Daisy Piper (Smashwords)

3½ out of 5 stars

We’ve all imagined that we were royalty.  Whether it was our dream to be a king, queen, prince, or princess, most of us have had that fleeting desire to be of royal blood.  What would it be like to have ladies-in-waiting?  Or how about regal balls that were in our honor?  That life seems far out of reach and only a childish fantasy invented to keep boredom at bay.  To be able to say, “Off with their heads!” or ask for anything you want and have it granted.  That would be the life.  Well, for one young girl it is… she just doesn’t know it yet.

Today is a special day for Callie Richards.  It’s her twelfth birthday.  Today is the day that she takes that first step from being a child, to a teen-in-training.  Now she’ll be able to act older, have more privileges, and finally be treated like an adult.  But the one thing that Callie would really like as a birthday present, the one thing that she hopes for most of all, would be to have her mother back.  Callie’s mother died two years ago, and ever since Callie has been trying to live as normal a life as possible.  She still has her very loving father and her best friend Lewis is there for her.

What Callie doesn’t know, is that on her twelfth birthday everything is about to change.  Callie isn’t quite sure what’s going on.  All she knows is that someone is talking to her through her cereal, she received a strange delivery in the middle of the school day, and she’s been having weird dreams that claim that she is a princess.  Oh well, maybe that all comes with turning twelve, Callie thinks.

But after Callie reads the scrolls with the cryptic poems, she knows that something bigger is going on.  Callie must find the Door in the Floor, and travel to the world of Albion, where she is Princess Calandria.  She is needed in Albion as the people there are in dire trouble, and she is the only one who can save them.  Well, there’s only one way to find out if it’s all true.  Will Callie be able to find the entrance to Albion?  If she does, what will await her in this strange, magical land?  Daisy Piper reveals all in her endearing tale of one girl’s struggle to realize what is truly important in life, and fulfill her destiny in, Princess Callie and the Totally Amazing Talking Tiara!

Princess Callie and the Totally Amazing Talking Tiara is a cute tale of one young girl’s journey on which she ultimately finds herself.  Filled with witty humor and a magical land of its own, this book will surely delight younger readers as they get lost in the world of Albion.  Princess Callie and the Totally Amazing Talking Tiara was given to me by the author, Daisy Piper, for review.* Thank you so much Daisy Piper!

I really enjoyed reading about the world of Albion, and the way in which it had its own customs and history.  Albion is a magical land much different from ours on Earth.  On Albion magic is possible, but only those who are part of the royal family can master it.  Also, in Albion there are things like animated gargoyles, interesting assortments of food, and of course, one talking tiara.  It was so much fun getting to read about the land of Albion as Callie explored the palace’s nooks and crannies, and learned all about herself as well.

There was a very lighthearted, upbeat quality to Princess Callie and the Totally Amazing Talking Tiara.  The writing was humorous at times and would entertain any young reader.  It truly felt like I was reading a fairytale of some sorts as I read how Callie’s life went from normal, to beyond abnormal.  However, there were also times when Princess Callie and the Totally Amazing Talking Tiara took on a more sinister, dark feel.  Some chapters were told from a different character’s perspective and you could feel the writing turn to a more ominous side of the story.  I really enjoyed seeing the story unravel from two very different perspectives.

I think it would have been nice if this book was a bit longer though, so it could contain more history about Albion, and possibly Callie could have spent a longer time there as well.  Callie’s visit to the world of Albion felt rushed, and things were moving so quickly.  I think Princess Callie and the Totally Amazing Talking Tiara would have felt a bit more realistic if things were taken a bit slower, to really allow the reader to get a feel for the world of Albion, and Callie’s situation.

Princess Callie and the Totally Amazing Talking Tiara is an enchanting story of one young girl who must grow up, and truly test just how strong her resolve really is.  Join Callie as she journeys to a whole new world, and must learn to rise to the occasion in, Princess Callie and the Totally Amazing Talking Tiara!

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*I received Princess Callie and the Totally Amazing Talking Tiara from the author, Daisy Piper, in exchange for my honest review.  Thank you so much Daisy Piper!

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  1. This sounds so cute! I love the idea of ordinary girl turns princess. Never gets old for me :)

  2. I agree, I always love reading about the girl turned princess stories. This one was a very cute read, and if you have the time I definitely think you should give it a try. It's bound to make you smile :)


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