Friday, December 30, 2011

(Keegan's Chronicles Blog Tour) Interviews With Authors: A Talk With Julia Crane + Giveaway!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season, and Happy (almost) New Year!  Today we have Julia Crane, author of Coexist, book one in the Keegan's Chronicles series with us today as part of the Keegan's Chronicles Blog Tour!  Julia was kind enough to answer my questions about her experiences as an author and many magical elements in her book.  Coexist takes place in the modern world, but really it is inhabited with magical creatures.  Keegan, is just one of them, as she is an elf.  However, little does Keegan know that she is about to meet the love of her life and be the center of a war between the creatures of the light and the dark.  Look for my full review of Coexist coming soon!

Now without further ado, as part of the Keegan's Chronicles Blog Tour here is, Interviews With Authors: A Talk With Julia Crane!

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A Talk With Julia Crane

Author of Coexist

By T.B.

1) Where did you get the idea to write your debut novel, Coexist?

I think the idea has always been in the back of my mind. Years ago, my husband told me he had a dream about a big elf battle. Which was strange because he never recalls his dreams. When I was halfway finished with Coexist, I remembered that. I figured it was always in my subconscious. Also, growing up I was always teased about having elf ears and coming from an Irish family. We heard many stories about sprites.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

(On A Dark Wing Blog Tour) Interviews with Characters: A Talk with Abbey Chandler

The holidays are almost upon us! Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Abbey Chandler, from On A Dark Wing by Jordan Dane, as part of the On A Dark Wing Blog Tour.  Abbey was kind enough to answer some questions about her experience with Death and how she copes without her mother.  On A Dark Wing follows Abbey as she tries to escape Death's clutches once again.  Five years ago Abbey cheated Death, but now he's back to take her secret crush, Nate Holden, as well.  On A Dark Wing takes a look at the complexities of the concept of death, and spins them into a beautiful tale full of love, letting go, and new beginnings.  Look for my review of On A Dark Wing coming soon!

Now in honor of the On A Dark Wing Blog Tour, I give to you Interviews With Characters: A Talk With Abbey Chandler!

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A Talk With Abbey Chandler

From On A Dark Wing by Jordan Dane

By T.B.

1) If you could change one thing about the day your mother died, what would it be?

Only one? The easy answer is—I would never have missed that damned school bus. If I had a groundhog day and could do something different, I would’ve faked being sick and stayed home from school. Or I could have resisted the urge for a Pepsi and Cheetos and quit being such a junk food addict, but wishing for a do-over has been pure torture and it never changed anything. I like to think that I eventually would have been smart enough to realize that, but after years of nightmares where nothing ever changed and my mom died over and over—I only felt worse about what I did.

Death had been the smart one, not me. I love you, mom…always.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Things a Brother Knows by Dana Reinhardt

The Things a Brother Knows

Author: Dana Reinhardt

Publisher: Wendy Lamb Books

5 out of 5 stars

Boaz is back.  After all this time, he has finally returned.  Boaz can put the war behind him once and for all, and just go back to how things were before he left.  He was gone for three years.  Three years full of worrying, hardship, and adjustment.  Those three years don’t matter anymore.  They can be tossed out the window, because Boaz would never leave them again.  Never put them through that unnecessary strain on their emotions ever again.  He’s home for good.  But is he really?