Review Policy

Not Currently Accepting Review Requests

I stepped away from my blog for several months due to school and sports, and I am just now starting to get back into the swing of things.  Due to this, I am not currently accepting unsolicited review requests, as I already have a large backlog of books on my reading list.  In time I will begin accepting review requests again, so please check back in the future!  Thank you so much for your understanding.


Hi, and welcome to From The Bookshelf of T.B. I am always looking for new and exciting books to read! If you would like to submit a book for me to review, you can contact me at


I focus primarily on young adult and middle grade books in my blog.

Genres I enjoy:

- Dystopia
- Fantasy
- Paranormal
- Realistic Fiction
- Sci-Fi
- Historical Fiction

Genres I do not enjoy:

- Books with religious undertones
- Biographies/Autobiographies
- Books with Explicit Sexual Content
- Books with Excessive Profane Language


I am able to accept physical copies of books, e-books, and ARCs. Please keep in mind that I still prefer to read physical books and turn their pages, so physical review copies will take precedence over e-books. If you have an ARC you would like me to review, please let me know if there is a set date you would like me to post my review by, and I will do my best to do so.

I try to review books sent to me for review in a timely manner, however, it may take up to 1-2 months for me to post up my review if I get backlogged. Please understand that I have other books that I am reading and need to write reviews for as well. Also, accepting a book for review does not guarantee that I will review it in my blog. If after reading a book I find that is not appropriate for my blog, I may decide not to post a review.


My reviews always express my honest opinion of a book, and they are in no way, shape, or form influenced by receiving a book for review. I try to review a good balance of both purchased and submitted books. If applicable, I try to give helpful, constructive criticism in my reviews and point out the aspects of the book I enjoyed and aspects I disliked. You can look at a listing of my current reviews here.

My reviews consist of:

- Cover
- Title
- Author
- Publisher
- Star Rating (for more on this see below)
- My own summary
- Review
- Closing Signature
- Links

Star Ratings

I rate every book I review out of 5 stars. The possible star ratings a book can receive are: 1 star, 1½ stars, 2 stars, 2½ stars, 3 stars, 3½ stars, 4 stars, 4½ stars, and 5 stars. 1 star being the lowest and 5 stars being the highest. I have never given a book lower than 2½ stars, and I hope I don’t have to in the future. It is also rare for me to five a book a 5 star rating. You can see a complete list of all the books I have reviewed categorized by their star ratings here.

- I absolutely loved this book! It left me with a feeling of awe and I am definitely going to read the rest of the series.  Everyone should read this book!

- This book was amazing! It didn’t quite have that “umph” needed for 5 stars, but it came very close. Highly recommended, and kept me enthralled in the story.

- A great book that kept me entertained throughout. A well-rounded read that I would recommend.

- More of a fun read, but there were a few aspects that I felt could have been improved. An enjoyable book, and if it looks interesting to you, then you should definitely try it out.

- I enjoyed this book, but there were some problems for me as well. I wouldn’t go out of my to recommend this book, but I wouldn’t tell you not to read it either.

- I was confused while reading this, or this book was hard to get through. Things didn’t match up, some aspects weren’t done well, and overall I didn’t enjoy reading this one as much.

I give a book its star rating based on how much I enjoyed the book overall, and by comparing it to other books I have rated. Was it as good as most of my 5 star books, or my 3 star books? Keep in mind though, that not every book is the same and there can be high 4 star books and low 4 star books. I might have given both books 4 stars, but one might have been close to being a 4½ star book, while the other might have barely made 4 stars.

Interviews With Authors/Giveaways/Guest Posts

“Interviews With Authors” is a feature on my blog in which I interview authors of books I have reviewed. I will usually send authors interview requests after I have read and reviewed their book. My interviews are about 10 questions long, and my questions range from being about their book all the way to their background and lives.

I would love to interview you in my “Interviews With Authors” feature, or host a giveaway on my blog. Please just let me know what you have in mind and we can work out the details.  You can check a current list of my "Interviews With Authors" here.

Thank you so much for reading my review policy, and considering me to review your book. I hope to hear from you soon! You can email me at