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Waterfall by Lisa T. Bergren


Author: Lisa T. Bergren

Publisher: David C. Cook

4½ out of 5 stars

Your head is spinning, and your breath comes out in gasps as you try to wrap your head around what just happened.  Just a second ago you were in the Etruscan tomb, but now you’re not exactly sure where you are.  You grope blindly in the darkness and your hands find the rough tomb walls.  You make your way to what you think is the entrance, but there’s no way to be sure.  You see some light shining down the tunnel, and you pick up your pace at the prospect of getting out of here.  As you pick your way across the stones scattered across the cave floor, sounds start to drift towards you.  Harsh clanging noises echo throughout the cave, and the sound rings in your ears.  Is that a sword fight?  You’re definitely not in the 21st century anymore…

Gabriella and Evangelia Betarrini are both stuck in Italy for another summer.  Now most teens would think that this is a chance of a lifetime.  To get to spend your whole summer in Italy!  However, it’s just the opposite for these two sisters.  With their mom being a noted archeologist, trips to Italy, such as this one, have become routine.  They spend long days at the dig site searching for artifacts.  Gabi and Lia would much rather be back home than having to go through another long, boring,  summer.

However, this summer isn’t  going to be like the rest.  After their mother unearths a huge site filled with Etruscan artifacts, Gabi and Lia are sick of waiting and daringly enter the Etruscan tomb.  What the two of them didn’t expect was to find a pair of handprints that seemed to match their hands perfectly.  Coincidence… I think not.

When Gabi and Lia place their hands on the pair of prints, that’s when everything changes.  Suddenly, the two sisters are transported to another time entirely.  Gabi arrives alone in this strange, new land, out of place and with no idea where she is.  It turns out she’s in fourteenth-century Italy, and things are not the same.  Will Gabi ever find her sister?  And will the two of them ever make it back home, or will they be stuck here forever?  Lisa T. Bergren reveals all in this historical adventure of two sisters’ journey to make it back home against the odds in, Waterfall!

Nothing was quite as it seemed in this fantastic adventure full of swordplay, knights, ladies-in-waiting, and warring families.  Waterfall took me back to a time where women wore corsets and elegant gowns, nothing like the jeans and t-shirts that people where today.  I don’t think I’d be able to adjust to a time like that.  What would I do without the internet!  This is a great read for teens that are looking for a fun adventure to immerse themselves in.

I really enjoyed the historical aspect to Waterfall.  Lisa T. Bergren  really made me feel as if I was right there with Gabi, as she struggled to adjust to this time period.  When Gabi first arrived, people were looking at her funny as she was wearing jeans and a cami.  That was unacceptable in fourteenth century Italy!  Also, many times when Gabi would say something they would have no idea what she would be talking about, as they were used to their formal way of speaking.  Little details like this really made the story feel much more historically accurate.

The characters were absolutely wonderful, and each of them had so much heart and personality.  Gabi and Lia were sisters, yet they were very different and had unique aspects to both of them.  It was a lot of fun to watch Gabi and Lia get used to the idea of being in the fourteenth century.  Slowly, some things started to change though, and had Gabi leaning towards staying rather than making their way back home.  Of course, who wouldn’t fall for the two cousins, Marcello and Luca?  With their chivalry and medieval charm, they were two characters that made Waterfall a lot of fun to read.

Some parts did feel a bit slow, and it would have been nice to see things pick up a bit during these times.  Other parts of the book were full of action though, and kept the story moving along.  The ending to Waterfall left me hanging, and now I can’t wait to see what Gabi and Lia’s next decision will be in the sequel, Cascade!

Waterfall is a historical read with a good dose of romance and humor thrown in as well.  Gabi and Lia truly have a tough journey ahead of them as they try to find each other, and ultimately make it back home.  Join the Betarrini sisters as they struggle to decide what it is they truly want, their old life or this brand new one in, Waterfall!

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My signed copy of Waterfall that I won over on Small Review's blog!

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  1. Thank you so much for the lovely book review, TB! Can't wait to hear what you think of CASCADE. :-)

  2. I've read these books too and really enjoyed them. I always like to read what others think about books I have read. Great review here! :)

  3. Wow, this book sounds awesome! I love historical fantasy. Plus, 14th century love interests? Yum. :)
    Great review!

  4. I'm not a huge fan of historical fiction but I've seen only positive (glowing!) reviews of Waterfall so I will definitely read it when I can. Plus time travel is totally awesome!

  5. History was one of my favorite subjects so I would really enjoy this book. Also, I loved that you included a video in review :)

  6. I have not heard a bad word said against this book so far. Love the sound of this one- thanks for the review!
    I'm definitely going to be ordering this one soon!

  7. Lisa Tawn Bergren- Thank you so much Lisa! I'm so excited to start reading Cascade, and I've heard it's even better than Waterfall! Thanks so much for checking out my blog! It means a lot to me :)

    Aimee- Me too! I love hearing what others think of a book I've read. I think that's one reason why I love blogging so much, because I can talk about books with people! :D Thanks for stopping by Aimee!

    Lauren M- I think you'd really enjoy this one! The historical side of it was very well done, and the love interests are to die for ;)

    Laura (All of Everything)- I'm in the same boat as you. Usually I don't read very much historical fiction, but this had a great twist with the time traveling. Plus, the two sisters are hilarious!

    Kira- If you enjoy history you'll like this one :) Oh, and isn't the book trailer great?

    Sally@Always Lost in Stories- Every review I've read have said that they absolutely adore this book. Me included! Thanks! I can't wait to hear what you think of it!

  8. Heh, one of the main things I love about time travel stories is reading about how the characters react to the customs of the past and how the people of the past react to them. Waterfall sounds ideal for providing these fun types of situations!

  9. Yay!! I'm so happy you liked it :) Cascade is like non-stop action, so I think you'll like it a lot.

  10. Aylee- Oh, it was! It was so much fun to read about Gabi and Lia trying to fit in with the times and blend in. The time-traveling was a really interesting aspect about Waterfall for sure :)

    Small Review- I've already started Cascade, and it's great so far! It's as if no time has passed since Waterfall, and I'm diving right into the story again. I can't wait to see where it goes :D

  11. I have read so much about this series, I know I might as well get it. I feel like I'm missing out. Great review! You make me drool over this one! On the order list it goes!!


  12. great review! I've been looking at getting this one. Thanks!

  13. Buried In Books- Haha, I'm so glad that you're excited about this one! I definitely think you'll enjoy Waterfall :) Oh, I always feel left out when a book becomes really popular but I haven't even read it yet. Glad you're jumping on the Waterfall train ;)

    TerryLynnJohnson- Thanks! I hope you enjoy this one!


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