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(Sela Blog Tour) Tour Encore and Wrap-Up

Spring is here!  Sadly with spring, the end of the Sela Blog Tour is here as well.  I am honored to be a part of this blog tour, and to be the closing stop.  It has been an eventful ride, with book reviews, author interviews, guest posts, and giveaways along the way.

Sela follows the story of one girl trapped in human form.  Once a dragon, Sela is thrown into the unknown to fend for herself.  As Sela journey's to find herself, she shapes her future as well.  Sela continues the story of the dragons of the Leland Province, while exploring the ability to change.  You can find my full review of Sela here.

Below is a schedule of the stops on the tour with direct links, and some notable posts you may want to check out.  The tour may be over, but you can still join in on the fun!

Sela Blog Tour Wrap-Up

March 27  Lisa's Book Reviews (Character Interview)
March 28  Watch Play Read (Guest Post)
March 29  Stuck In Books (Guest Post)
March 30  Fade Into Fantasy (Character Interview)                
March 31  Ian's Realm
April 1   Jelly Bean Chair Reviews (Guest Post)
April 2   Once Upon A Time (Guest Post)
April 3   A Book Vacation (Book Review)
April 4   Jess Resides Here (Guest Post)
April 5   Soliloquy (Book Review and Giveaway [OVER])
April 6   Vilutheril Reviews (Giveaway [OVER])
April 7   Ritesh Kala's Book Review (Author Interview)
April 8   Sci Fi Guys (Book Review)
April 9   Unputdownable Books (Guest Post)
April 10  Edi's Book Lighthouse (Guest Post)
April 11  Workaday Reads (Author Interview)
April 12  Eva's Sanctuary (Guest Post)
April 13  Book and Movie Dimension Blog (Author Interview)
April 14  Babs Book Bistro (Book Review and Giveaway)
April 15  Azure Dwarf Horde of Fantasy and SciFi (Giveaway [OVER])
April 16  Fade Into Fantasy
April 17  Reading Away the Days (Author Interview)
April 18  Splash of Our Worlds (Book Review)
April 19  Ali's Bookshelf (Giveaway [OVER])
April 20  Sheila Deeth
April 21  I Heart Reading (Book Review)
April 22  All-Consuming Media (Guest Post)
April 23  Spellbound By Books (Book Review)
April 24  One Thrifty Gurl (Guest Post)
April 25  Evie Bookish (Book Review)
April 26  Booklady's Booknotes (Guest Post)
April 27  Ella Bella Reviews (Book Review)
April 28  I Smell Sheep (Author Interview and Giveaway)
April 29  The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia (Book Review)
April 30  Darlene's Book Nook (Guest Post and Giveaway)
May 1 From The Bookshelf of T.B. (special tour encore and wrap-up visit)


Some highlights of the tour included:

-Lisa's Book Reviews (Character Interview with Jastin Armitage): A character interview that captures the essence of the character Jastin Armitage, and gives you a glimpse into the history of the books.  Jastin seems to come alive off of the page.

-Stuck In Books (Guest Post on where Jackie Gamber's characters came from): An insightful guest post as to where Jackie gets her inspiration from, and how her characters become their own.  Jackie compares her process to that of a kaleidoscope, and how her kaleidoscope "is always spinning, turning, exploring."

-Jess Resides Here (Guest Post on how Jackie Gamber matches teas to go with her books): Jackie compares her books to teas, and pairs them up with the perfect fit in this interesting guest post.  If you're a tea-lover, then this is definitely a post to check out.

-Ritesh Kala's Book Review (Author Interview with Jackie Gamber): An in-depth interview with Jackie that talks about her writing process, and some of her favorite things about her books as well.  A great post to get to know more about the author.

-Evie Bookish (Book Review of Sela): An enthusiastic review of Sela that covers what the reader enjoyed and some memorable quotes too.  A very detailed review, that will help you get a feel for the book if you have not yet read it.

-I Smell Sheep (Author Interview and Giveaway) and Darlene's Book Nook (Guest Post and Giveaway):  If you missed the giveaways earlier in the tour, here's your chance to still win a copy of Sela and see what it is that everyone is talking about.

-This is T.B. with Another Book Back on the Shelf...
Until Next Time, Keep Reading!


Thank you so much for stopping by as part of the Sela Blog Tour!  I hope you enjoyed the tour, and get a chance to stop by and visit some of the wonderful blogs that participated in the tour.  Thank you so much to Seventh Star Press and Jackie Gamber for including me in the tour as well!  Thanks again for stopping by!

Check out my full review of Sela here.

Check out my full review of book one in The Leland Dragon Series, Redheart, here.

Check out my Interviews With Authors: A Talk With Jackie Gamber here.

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