Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Why Chromosome: Why Boys Do Love Books Recap!

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of attending The Why Chromosome: Why Boys Do Love Books!  The event was put on by Bridge To Books, an amazing non-profit organization who's goals are to connect kids with books and promote literacy and reading.  The Why Chromosome event was all about why boys DO love to read.  Six male authors were featured at the event, and all of their books feature male protagonists as well.  The event took place at Mrs. Nelson's Toy and Book Shop.  I had a spectacular time!  There were parents, teachers, educators, authors, and bloggers there, and of course boys of all ages!  Young or old, boys came to celebrate their love of reading.  Here's a look at the event:

The Why Chromosome Authors

Andrew Smith- author of Ghost MedicineIn The Path of Falling ObjectsThe Marbury Lens, and Stick
Greg van Eekhout- author of The Boy at the End of the World and Kid vs. Squid
G. Neri- author of Ghetto CowboyChess Rumble
Yummy: The Last Days of a Southside Shorty, and Surf Mules
Jonathan Auxier- author of Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes
John Stephens- author of The Emerald Atlas
Allen Zadoff- author of Food, Girls, and Other Things I Can’t Have and
My Life, the Theater, and Other Tragedies


After eating a delicious lunch of hamburgers, hot dogs, chili, and an array of mouth-watering desserts, the event was ready to begin!  First, we had a very fun icebreaker to start off the event.  We paired up with a partner and had to come up with a list of books that had male protagonists.  Each book counted as a point and if you had read the book that counted as another point as well.   Next, the authors were asked questions about how the book industry has changed, boys and reading, and what got them started as authors.  I took some video of the panel answering questions, and you can watch them below.  You'll have to excuse my loud laughter, but I hope you enjoy!


Some quotes from the authors at the event:

"That was the first time that I realized that the author could have different viewpoints than the character." -Jonathan Auxier

"I was fascinated by the duality that you could be a man, and still feel deeply." -Allen Zadoff

"You read those books because for awhile you want to live in that fantasy world." -John Stephens

"I do notice today that boys read a lot more than they did twenty years ago." -Andrew Smith


The audience got a chance to ask some questions as well.  Then the authors mingled with the crowd, and got a chance to talk to the attendees.  After that, the signing began!  I got a chance to chat with the authors and get my books signed.  Here's a look at all of the swag and books I picked up from the event:

This is the awesome drawing that Jonathan Auxier drew for me when he signed my copy of Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes!  He asked what my favorite animal was, I said a tiger (if you couldn't tell), and this is what appeared on the page!

I also picked up a signed copy of Stick by Andrew Smith for an upcoming giveaway!  So look out for that, and for my reviews of The Why Chromosome books!


I had an amazing time at The Why Chromosome, and I also got to meet some great bloggers and authors as well!

-Alethea, Read Now Sleep Later: One of the founders of Bridge To Books, and she reviews YA and MG books as well!
-Alyson, Kid Lit Frenzy: One of the founders of Bridge To Books, and she reviews picture books all the way to YA!
-Kristen, Kristen Pelfrey Writes: A teacher who is amazingly supportive of reading, literacy, and getting good books in the hands of teens!
-Jessica, Read Schmead: Check out Jessica's blog to read some fun recaps on other book events and reviews of YA and MG books as well!
-Non, Subject + Verb: Another avid reader of YA books!
-Kathy McCullough: A YA author, who's debut novel, Don't Expect Magic, comes out this month!


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Check out the Bridge To Books website at
Check out Bridge To Books The Why Chromosome photo album here.

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I had such a great time at The Why Chromosome: Why Boys Do Love Books, and I can't wait to attend Bridge To Books' next event!  I hope you enjoyed my recap, and hopefully I'll see you at a Bridge To Books event soon!

-This is T.B. with Another Book Back on the Shelf...
Until Next Time, Keep Reading!


  1. Great recap! :o) It was great to see you there! So glad you enjoyed yourself!

  2. Nice recap. It was a great event with awesome discussions. Hope there's another one soon.

  3. Great post! Thank you for sharing the experience with those us who couldn't be there.

  4. I can't believe I missed this!!!! Sounds like an amazing event! I am heading over to see what Bridge To Books has planned next!

    Thanks for the great review of the event and the are becoming quite the photo-journalist! ...not quite sure how you are able to write, video and photograph an event - you are amazing ;-D

    Robyn Hawk

  5. Wow Tessa! Great job covering this and what a great lineup of authors! I've read Peter Nimble and I want to read Stick based on your review of it! I also want to read the Emerald Atlas. I loved the video you took. Great listening to the authors talk about early reading and influences.
    More people need to see this!


  6. This sounds wonderful! Usually, I'm all about the girl power, but I guess boys have to have books to read, too LOL :D But seriously, two of my favorite male authors are Scott Westerfield and Johnathan Mayberry. And also, I just read Anna Dressed in Blood (w/probably have a review up next week) and loved it! I think boys would really enjoy that one with all action and male POV.
    Hope you're doing well, Tessa,
    Ninja Girl

  7. What a fun event! I am jealous. Really enjoyed your blog but have to wonder; have you read Van Draanen's The Running Dream? Saw on a blog interview that you did that you run cross country. It's a great book!


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