Monday, June 27, 2011

Shelf Saturday at Brush Up On Your Reading!

Ever wonder what my bookshelves look like?  Well, you can go head on over to Nina's blog, Brush Up On Your Reading, and find out!  Nina was kind enough to feature me on her blog.  Thanks so much Nina (and ARGH)!  I hope you can stop by and leave her a comment or follow her!  This girl is so awesome, and she's got some AMAZING Paint skills!  One example is of her button to the right.  Isn't it awesome?!

I hope you get a chance to stop on by, and read more about my bookshelves!  You can reach the post here.


  1. on my way nowww! :) good luck at the signing tonight!


  2. It's so cool getting to see you on other blogs as well. I checked it out and must say you have some pretty awesome bookshelves!! I hope to have something like that when I move in the fall :)

  3. The Lovely Getaway- Thanks! The signing was a LOT of fun, and I wish you could have gone!

    Kira- Thank you so much! That would be awesome if you could get bookshelves like that! Actually, I'm going to switch my current bookshelves out with some new ones. My current ones that you saw in the guest post are taking up too much space. Thanks for checking it out!

  4. Thanks! I'm so glad you like them :)


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