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Destiny's Fire by Trisha Wolfe

Destiny's Fire

Author: Trisha Wolfe

Publisher: Omnific Publishing

3½ out of 5 stars

An electric blue charge spills out of your fingertips, crackling and twisting its way across the room.  Tendrils of it spiral up your arms, spreading a cooling sensation across your body.  The intense blue throws a glow of light around you, making you seem as if you are some powerful god.  You pull your arm back and carefully take aim.  You forcefully hurl the bolt of energy towards the target and as it flies through the air you know you’ve made it.  You don’t miss, you never miss.  But suddenly you lose control and you begin to shift.  You know you’re not ready for this, but as the panic builds, there’s nothing you can do to stop what has already begun.  Ready or not… the time is now.

Dez has grown up knowing she is nothing like the other Shythe.  No matter how much she tries to blend in, she knows she will never be fully accepted by any of them.  They just don’t know it yet.  The measures that Dez and her mother have taken have held so far, but they won’t for long.  Dez’s seventeenth birthday is almost here, and that means that she will have to go through the change… whether she likes it or not.

Being Shythe, Dez is expected to receive the power Charge, once she goes through her change.  All Shythe do, and it is then that they can send bolts of electric blue power through the air, and shift into their true Kythan form.  There were once more, but now there are only two races of Kythans, the Shythe and the Narcolym.  The Kythans are shape-shifters, the descendants of ancient guardians who used to watch over Egyptian pharaohs.  Now the Kythans’ main goal is to assist humans with their powers.  However, the Narcolyms are out to do just the opposite.

With the Narcolyms moving into town permanently, tensions are rising and the peace between the two races is wearing thin.  The Shythe and Narcolym have harbored feelings of contempt and hatred for too long to put it all aside because of one peace treaty.  Not all of the Shythe agree with the two races becoming one, including Dez and her friends.  Why are the Shythe and the Narcolym being forced to get along?  Will this reveal Dez’s secret sooner than she would have ever thought?  Trisha Wolfe reveals all in her electrifying tale of one girl’s journey to do what’s right not only for her people, but herself as well in, Destiny’s Fire!

Destiny’s Fire mixes steampunk inventions with supernatural powers that creates a thrilling combination in a world that is full of old and new.  I got the chance to get a glimpse into Dez’s extraordinary life.  There was never a dull moment and I never knew when something would come along to change the game.  With a healthy dose of romance and a side of action, Destiny’s Fire is sure to immerse any older teen into the world of Haven Falls.

The ability that the Kythan’s possess was both intriguing and mysterious.  I found myself wishing I could shoot out bolts of Charge or sparks of Flame as I read along.  The fact that the Narcolyms were moving into Haven Falls gave me the opportunity to witness both the Shythe and Narcolym powers.  I’m curious to see where the Kythans acquired their powers from originally, and hopefully more of their history will be revealed in book two!

The world in which Destiny’s Fire is set in is both familiar and alien.  I was constantly amazed at how the Kythans blended in with the humans and even ran inventions on their own powers.  The Kythans had a world of their own that the humans weren’t even aware of.  The mix of steampunk and fantasy worked well together as Haven Falls had a futuristic, yet vintage feel to it.  Girls wore corsets, yet motorbikes ran on steam.  It was interesting to see how the Kythans lived in this world that I hadn’t quite seen before.

The tension between the Narcolyms and Shythe played a big role in how things were handled between the two races.  Dez and her friends despised the Narolyms, yet Dez came to know one of them, Reese, very closely.  She was never quite sure if he could be trusted, even though there was a peace act in place.  The distrust between the two races kept things interesting as the story progressed, and I was never quite sure if things could really get better between the two of them.

At times I wondered quite how the Kythans lived alongside the humans, and how they still helped the humans in this modern era.  I felt as if I was given a glimpse into the Kythan’s world, but was never really fully in it.  There were details that I would have like to have seen worked out or have learned more about.  I look forward to learning more in the sequel.

Destiny’s Fire presents a unique mix of old and new with a dash of fantasy that makes it unique.  With the Narcolyms here to stay, Dez and her friends are no longer safe in their own homes, but they never realize just how much danger they’re in.  Join Dez, as she searches for answers to her past and what is yet to come in, Destiny’s Fire!

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*I received Destiny's Fire from Julie of A Tale of Many Reviews and the author, Trisha Wolfe, in exchange for my honest review as part of the Destiny's Fire Blog Tour.  Thank you so much Trisha, Julie, and Omnific Publishing!

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Check out Trisha Wolfe's website at www.trishawolfe.com.


  1. Not only does the plot of the book sound intriguing, but so does the environment itself. Such literary creativity leaves me clueless as to where this story will lead, which is surprisingly refreshing. Thanks for the review!

  2. Sounds really good! I didn't realize this was a Steampunk novel. Sound like quite a mix of fantasy and steampunk. I'm no longer saying I don't like a genre because all the new books coming out are proving me wrong. I'll have to look into this one! It sounds too good to pass up! Great review as always Tessa!



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