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(Destiny's Fire Blog Tour) Interviews With Authors: A Talk With Trisha Wolfe + Giveaway!

The new year has begun!  And to start the new year off today we have Trisha Wolfe, author of Destiny's Fire, stopping by as part of the Destiny's Fire Blog Tour!  Trisha took the time to talk to us about what it is like being an author and where she got the inspiration for her novel.  Destiny's Fire follows the story of Dez, a shape-shifter who lives in the futuristic, steampunk world of Haven Falls.  Dez has a secret about her powers, and with tensions running high it will be harder than ever for her to keep her secret hidden.  Dex must not only do what’s right for her people, but herself as well in, Destiny’s Fire!  Look for my full review of Destiny's Fire coming soon!

I now give you, Interviews With Authors: A Talk With Trisha Wolfe!

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A Talk With Trisha Wolfe

Author of Destiny's Fire

By T.B.

1) What prompted you to start writing your debut novel Destiny's Fire?

What prompted me? Hmm, two failed novels LOL After book two got shelved, I sat down with pen and paper and started hammering away at new ideas. I figured one of these days, agents and publishers would have to stop telling me "no" if I just kept bugging them.

2) Why did you decide to go the steampunk route in your book, and feature Victorian-style clothing and machines set in a futuristic world?

I read a lot of short stories online, as I’m a short story author, too, and I love the fantasy e-zines. They issue a lot of Steampunk. So…I said, what the heck. I’ll give it a shot. But, there were certain aspects of the traditional Steampunk genre that I didn’t relate to personally. And I felt girls and young women wouldn’t either. I thought long and hard about things that interested me, and then I started developing the world around my characters that I already had established. The reason why I went for a futuristic setting rather than the Victorian era, was because I wanted to really make it different than the traditional, and with that, be able to make the paranormal aspect more believable. And honestly, it just felt right. When I started writing, the characters spoke modern. So, there ya go lol.

3) Did you have to do any research to shape the Kythans, descendants of the  ancient guardians who watched over the pharaohs, and the steampunk setting of Destiny's Fire?

Oh, yeah. But believe it or not, most of what I have in my notes for the Egyptian ancestry won’t be revealed until book two. Book one was about establishing the world, characters, and letting Dez’s power be known. Most of my research will be used to take the characters and world to a new level as the characters discover more about themselves.

As for most of the guardian stuff and setting, I made it up. It’s all fiction. Well, obviously, or else I’d be moving to a city where I can ride around on a hover-bike. For the devices, I researched a lot of Steampunk inventions. YouTube is great for that! Then I just turned them into devices that could operate on the Kythan’s power rather than steam.

4) Dez and her friends felt like real teens that I could meet today.  Did you do anything special to make your characters feel so realistic?

Aw, thank you! I’m so glad that you feel they’re relatable. That’s important to me. I wish I was some intellectual writer that could talk about channeling their characters and making charts, and whatever else awesome authors do. But really, I just write. I start at the top and work my way down. The characters talk to me in my head (Yes, I could be considered crazy) and I just have fun with them. They are very much three dimensional people to me. Sometimes I feel I don’t do them justice.

5) While writing Destiny's Fire was it difficult to keep a balance of both romance and action to keep the story interesting?

Great question. And yes. Very much so. I get really carried away in the romance department. It’s not even a joke. I have to rein myself in all the time. There were actually scenes that got deleted even before DF went out to my critique partners. I really wanted the romance to be the subplot, but I felt like maybe Dez had to deal with some things before she could move on to the bigger stuff in book two. I don’t argue with my characters. They know better than  me.

6) Being a mother, business owner, and an author, when do you find time for your writing?

Just you saying that makes me squirm LOL Hmm. I don’t clean. When I go into writer mode, everything else just doesn’t matter. The dishes stack up, the laundry goes unfolded, and yes, I do feel bad about that. But something has to give and it can’t be the business. I don’t think I could write from my car or where I’d have to live if I couldn’t pay my mortgage. So the cleaning is what has to go while writing. And honestly, living with two guys (teen son and hubby) it’s never clean no matter how much I do. They don’t notice either way.

7) When did you realize you wanted to be an author and write for a living?

I know the exact moment. I was fourteen, and I’d just finished reading INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE by Anne Rice. I closed the book, stared up into space, and said, “I want to be an author.” And then I ran to my local Indie bookstore and bought a copy of EB White’s Elements of Style. I wrote a lot of poetry and short stories in HS. Then I took a long break in my twenties. I got busy with college, getting married, and having a kid. When the dreaded 30 marker started creeping up, I panicked, and decided it was time to get busy trying to fulfill the dream or hate myself on my death bed. Yeah, I’m a drama queen.

8) Are you working on any other projects at the moment?

I just completed book number four, which is a Dystopia/Historical, and ties in to my short story UNVEILED. It’s tentatively titled FIREBLOOD, and my agent takes it on submission the third week of January. And, I’ve started the sequel to DESTINY’S FIRE. I’m looking to complete the rough draft in the next three months. But there’s no release date at this point. I promise to post that info as soon as I get it..

I’m also tossing around a Sci-Fi idea for a novel I want to complete before the year’s end.

9) Do you believe that the Kythans could be living among us and blending in with humans today, or possibly in the future?

I believe, with all honesty, that there are things we don’t see in this world. Whether we’re not able, not connected enough to the strange, or because we’re not ready as a species. So yes, they or something very similar, could be hanging out tossing fireballs and electrocuting people now, or very soon. I hope this will all my heart.

10) Lastly, what advice would you give to any young readers who someday wish to become recognized authors?

Don’t take no for an answer. Never. Keep writing, and read, read, read! Read until your eyes bleed, then read some more. Write a book. Read another 200 books, and then write another book. Keep doing that until you write the book that’s “IT”. And then, when you sell that bitch, shake your butt and run around your house naked screaming. Run outside and tell your neighbors that think you’re a creepy hermit to suck it. This is absolutely what I did.

-This is T.B. with Another Book Back on the Shelf...
Until Next Time, Keep Reading!

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions Trisha!  I really love how you re-worked what you knew about the steampunk genre to make it fit for your story and be more relatable to readers.  I definitely think it worked!  I can't wait to see how all of your research comes into play in book two.  I'm looking forward to reading the sequel and your upcoming books as well!  Thanks again for being kind enough to stop by as part of the Destiny's Fire Blog Tour.  I hope you enjoyed reading the interview and this is, Interviews With Authors: A Talk With Trisha Wolfe!

Look for my full review of Destiny's Fire coming soon!

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