Thursday, October 14, 2010

Seeker by William Nicholson


Author: William Nicholson 
Publisher: Harcourt Publishing

4 out of 5 stars

They have the ability to bend you to their will. They can fight with grace and force. They can appear anywhere, as if out of thin air. You may think that these people would be the bad guys. Why not? They obviously have the power and can do the impossible. But it is just the opposite. They are the Nomana, the Noble Warriors. They use their potent powers for good, not evil. As the name says, they truly are noble. The Nomana are an assembly of warrior monks, and only a select few are ever chosen to join. What are they protecting with all these powers at their disposal? The thing that is of so much importance to them is… the All and Only.

The Nomana live on the island of Anacrea, a small rock of land at the mouth of a river leading to the ocean. It is here that they protect the All and Only. The All and Only is the creator of all things, their god. This powerful being lives in a garden at the center of the Nom, the Noble Warriors’ monastery and dwelling. This is what the Nomana protect with all their heart, and risk their lives for. For it is said that one day the Assassin will come.

On the island of Anacrea lives Seeker of Truth. He is the schoolmaster’s second son and is expected to follow in his father’s footsteps. However, Seeker wants to join the Nomana, and is at the perfect age to do so. He has just turned sixteen years old, the age at which you may enlist in the Nomana. Somewhere in the plains is another young hopeful, a girl named Morning Star. It is her dream too, to become a Noble Warrior and follow in her mother’s footsteps. Yet, in another place somewhere far away, there travels the river bandit who plunders other’s riches. He is called the Wildman, and holds true to his name. But after a chance meeting with two Nomana he realizes that he too, wants their power.

How do these three youths all come together? In their journey to join the Nomana, and live only to serve the greater good and ensure justice, they find each other. It is up to them to save Anacrea, as there are enemies plotting to destroy it. How though, can they accomplish this impossible task? Will they be able to put their differences aside and work together, before it’s too late? William Nicholson reveals all in this epic account of justice, Seeker!

Wow, what a mix of happenings going on in this book! I was very impressed at how the author, William Nicholson, brought everything together. Nothing happened without a reason. Seeker is a compelling tale of three young adults striving to accomplish their dreams. I was immersed into an entirely new world as I watched Seeker after Truth, Morning Star, and the Wildman journey to defeat the source of evil. This book is a wonderful read for pre-teens and teens alike that is worthwhile.

One aspect that I enjoyed very much was how there was a history to the storyline. This land didn’t just pop up out of nowhere. As I read the story I really noticed how many things came to be, but they also had the facts to prove it. For example, the All and Only came to the island for a reason and wasn’t always there. Also, the Nomana were started a long time ago and had many reasons for doing so. I liked this aspect as it made the story feel more realistic. I definitely hope that this continues in the sequel to Seeker, Jango.

I also loved the characters. The determined Seeker of Truth, bold and defiant Morning Star, and the rule-breaking Wildman. Each character, no matter who they were, all contributed to the storyline and plot. Each one held their own importance and was the cause of numerous choices and outcomes. Many a time I laughed or inwardly glared at the different characters and their actions. The characters also progressed and grew greatly in this story. Instead of being hopeful kids, they really turned into determined adults. The Wildman was one in particular who really matured in this story, as did Seeker of Truth and Morning Star.

However, one thing that lessened my enjoyment for Seeker was the pace of the plot. Sometimes I thought that it was too slow, by showing different characters’ perspectives. In the end, it all did contribute to the storyline, but I think that if the viewpoint were restricted to only certain main characters, then there would have been many more surprises throughout the story. Basically, I would have been much more shocked and surprised by some events since I wouldn’t know what was going on. But in Seeker, I already knew so much of what was taking place that I wasn’t as taken aback as I might have been if I had known less of what was to happen.

Overall, Seeker is a gripping account of three youths’ adventures that filled me with hope. It shows just how much someone will do for something they care about. They take it into their hands to prove themselves worthy, and save the Nomana, the All and Only, and the people of Anacrea. Join Seeker of Truth, Morning Star, and the Wildman as they journey to avert an all too real crisis in, Seeker!

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  1. Hello Tessa,
    I found this blog through William Nicholson´s website, so I thought and mention it.
    Have you read the other two books of the trilogy?
    You´ll be surprised at the conclusion of the story, and the meaning behind all of it..

  2. -Hi Coen

    I'm so glad that you were able to find my blog, and took the time to check it out!

    I actually haven't read the other two books in the trilogy yet, Jango and Noman. However, I can't wait to read them and I plan to review them on my blog!

    Now I wonder what the ending is... hmmm, i guess I'll have to find out. Check back for the reviews of the other two books!


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