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Eon Dragoneye Reborn by Alison Goodman

Eon Dragoneye Reborn

Author: Alison Goodman

Publisher: Viking Press Publishing

4½ out of 5 stars

Eon has a secret. Not one of those little ones that you share with friends and giggle over. No, this is a big secret. One that could change history, but if found out, could get Eon and many others killed. Well here it goes…Eon is a girl. Now, you might be thinking, ok so what. Why is this is a big deal? How could Eon get killed for it? Well, let me tell you why. Eon has been in training for four years to become a Dragoneye apprentice. She has been practicing the art of Dragon Magic, which women are forbidden to practice. If anyone finds out who Eon really is, it would spell the end of her.

The Dragoneye are the human link to the twelve energy gods, which are the dragons. Each dragon represents a point on the compass, and is one of the twelve Chinese zodiac animals. These dragons can control Hua, which is the energy that exists in all things. The twelve dragons protect the land with the help of their Dragoneye. Every year, on New Year’s Day, the next dragon in the cycle will become the ascending dragon, along with their new ascending Dragoneye. You see, every dragon has a Dragoneye, and every Dragoneye has an apprentice. Once chosen, the apprentice will train for twelve years until it is their turn to become a full Dragoneye. When this happens the old Dragoneye retires, and the new one receives a new apprentice. This is the job that Eon is trying out for.

This cycle has never been broken and has always been carried out as a new Dragoneye comes into full power. However, I should mention that there is one dragon missing. The Dragon Dragon, also known as the Mirror Dragon. No one knows why this ruler of the dragons disappeared years and years ago.

Eon is really Eona, a sixteen-year-old crippled girl. The only reason that she is one of the twelve boys trying out for the job as apprentice is because she can see all twelve dragons and call to them at will. It is very rare to be able to see the dragon of your birth year, but to see all of them, that is unheard of! Her master knows of her secret, and helps keep it hidden. Soon the day of truth will arrive, when Eon might be chosen as the Rat Dragon apprentice. Eon doesn’t realize that she is part of a much bigger plan, and things aren’t what she always believed. Will Eon become the next Rat Dragon apprentice, or will her true identity be found out along the way? Alison Goodman reveals all in the suspenseful book Eon Dragoneye Reborn!

This book is pretty amazing, with the idea of the twelve dragons and their Dragoneye. The concept for this book is quite unique as the author, Alison Goodman, ties together the Chinese Zodiac with this new world where the twelve dragons are real, and have immense power. That was one aspect of the book that I really enjoyed, because as I read the story I was constantly amazed and pleasantly surprised with familiar aspects that had a twist, in the Empire of the Celestial Dragons.

I recommend this book more so for older readers, as some parts might not be appropriate for kids or young teens. However, Eon Dragoneye Reborn is definitely a book that you should pick up and read. Every move someone makes is being watched. There is a lot of political tension as well, as the emperor’s brother, High Lord Sethon, is trying to overtake the throne. You tend to take sides when you’re reading this book, whether it is with Eon or against her. This book definitely draws you in.

Also, if you like surprises and unexpected twists, then you’ll love this book. Numerous times I sucked in my breath and gasped, as I read about a betrayal, or when the storyline took an unexpected turn. The characters in this book will surprise you. Especially Eon, who has so much more to her than what you first thought. However, some parts of Eon Dragoneye Reborn can get a little boring, as Eon goes about her daily life. Sometimes it seems as though not much is happening, but this is easily solved as you turn the next page.

This is a tense story of one girl fighting for her life. Eon tries to keep her true identity hidden, as she is sucked into a new life, where she has a lot riding on her shoulders. Join Eona as she passes as Eon, and fools everyone around her as she tries to accomplish the impossible, in Eon Dragoneye Reborn!

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