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Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins


Author: Suzanne Collins

Publisher: Scholastic Press

5 out of 5 stars

Note: This review assumes that you have already read the first and second book in this series, The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. If you have not yet read The Hunger Games and Catching Fire then you may not want to read this review, as it will reveal key points from the first and second book.  You can find my review of The Hunger Games here, and my review of Catching Fire here.

How did Katniss get herself into this mess? She was just trying to protect her little sister. But now, Katniss is… the Mockingjay. She is the very backbone of the rebels’ hope, and the drive that propels them forward. The rebels grasp and cling to her as the face of the revolution. This is a heavy burden to place on one teenager’s shoulders. She never asked, or wanted this responsibility. Katniss has countless people’s hopes and dreams riding on her, and… their lives.

Once again, Katniss has survived. She has made it out of the Quarter Quell, the 75th Hunger Games. The Capitol’s plans to destroy her have failed again. However, Peeta didn’t make it. He was captured by the Capitol. Who knows what they are doing to him now, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

Katniss is taken to the rebels’ base. It is there that she finds out that everything that she has been told, everything that she believes, is nothing but a lie. District 13 was not destroyed by the Capitol. Instead, they made a deal. You leave us alone, and we will leave you alone. District 13 left all the other Districts to suffer at the Capitol’s hands, while they lived in isolation. However, District 12 was not so lucky. In retaliation, the Capitol has destroyed District 12, and only a few have survived. Katniss feels it is all her fault.

Katniss wishes things could be the way they used to be before she volunteered for the Hunger Games. But then, no one would be taking action would they? Now Katniss must be what everyone is depending on her to be… the Mockingjay. They need her to take responsibility for all of the lives lost in the cause, and to rekindle the rebellion’s dying embers. Can Katniss come to terms with such a large responsibility, and will she succeed in playing her part? Does Katniss even have a choice anymore? All is revealed in Suzanne Collin’s final installment of The Hunger Games Trilogy, Mockingjay!

To begin with, I just can’t believe that it’s over. This captivating trilogy has come to an end. It has been a long and bumpy road following Katniss through this game, but we have reached the finish. Mockingjay brings this series to a close, flawlessly. The ending does the story justice and ties up all of the loose ends. This book really is the last that we will see of the girl on fire.

One thing that I realized in Mockingjay was that Katniss really grows up. Yes, she is still only seventeen, but throughout this book I noticed just how much Katniss has grown into an independent woman. No more is she that girl in the yellow dress spinning in circles for us. She is now the face of a rebellion, the kind of person who won’t take no for an answer. I was even surprised at how much Prim grew up in this book as well. Prim seemed much older and wiser than her years, as she helped the wounded and trained to become a doctor.

Mockingjay was very different than the other two books, The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. However, this was necessary for the story to progress. The characters had to grow up, and the plot had to evolve into something new to make sure the readers didn’t lose interest in this finale. For once, Katniss wasn’t fighting in the Hunger Games. In Mockingjay, I really saw how Katniss was dealing with the situation she found herself in. As I read the story, I got to witness not only how Katniss portrayed herself to the rebels, but also how she really felt behind closed doors. This was nice as it reminded me that despite all that Katniss has done so far, she is still only human.

As for the love triangle between Peeta and Gale, I thought that it was handled beautifully. I was very satisfied with how Mockingjay was concluded, as it brought Katniss’s story to a close and left no burning questions.

Mockingjay is by far the best out of the three books. There are so many shocking chapters that can cause you to cry in sorrow or laugh with joy. Katniss fulfills her destiny as best as she can, as she knows that numerous lives and the future depend on her. Join Katniss Everdeen, as she tries to decipher what is real, and not real, in this blazing epic of justice, Mockingjay!

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  1. I definitely agree that the love triangle issue was settled well! I was sort of glad that Peeta lost his ***ory (I don't want to spoil it) because, as the book said, he was able to see her for who she really was instead of what he saw when he first laid eyes on her... I'm glad he was still able to love her and that she could love him as well xD.


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